The Alpha Armouring System

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Human life has an immeasurable value. The concept of safety embraces everything concerning the protection of human life. At Alpha Armouring Panzerung®, we have set ourselves the goal of ascertaining how security 

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Experience state of the art security

Invisible Armouring by Alpha Armouring

All opaque armour components are pre-fabricated utilising laser and plasma cutting technology and stored pending the assembly process. This facilitates fast production times as all components are “off the shelf”. The opaque armouring system was designed to use the smallest number of panels possible ... Read more

Chassis & Suspension by Alpha Armouring

Alpha engineer the suspension and chassis so that the vehicle drives and handles as close to the standard car as possible. The springs, shock absorbers, role and torsion bars and brake system are replaced with new up rated parts designed and manufactured specifically ... Read more

Ballistic protection levels

In pursuit of innovation, Alpha Armouring® Panzerung is constantly refining its security technology.The company maintains its own development department dedicated to testing both concepts and materials under realistic conditions in the field ...
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