The door armour plate is fitted as a single piece as it offers better protection in particular against blast attacks as vehicle passengers cannot be injured by blasted metal parts. As a result, the original panels cannot be used anymore. Therefore ALPHA ARMOURING® is developing and producing a new door interior panel, which comes close to the original door panels, and complies with the high-quality demands of the original, even going far beyond the original in terms of design and quality.

These door panels are available either in standard or luxury versions. They can be easily removed in the case of repair. The complete armour body is protected with special paint to provide sustainable protection against condensation and rust. At the same time, the metal edges are always carefully chamfered to safely allow possible subsequent repairs. The electric power window mechanism is a proprietary development by ALPHA ARMOURING®, which ensures that the block glass windows do not open , by their own high weight, unintentionally when driving.


Of course the overlap elements are considered here - in particular at the bottom of the door opening.



ALPHA ARMOURING® high quality interior
ALPHA ARMOURING® door armour plate in one piece
ALPHA ARMOURING® robust construction
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